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Academic Achievement Program:

North Austin Tae Kwon Do believes that academic achievement is of paramount importance.  Students are rewarded for positive academic performance.  Students who receive good marks in school are awarded the academic achievement patch.  This patch is worn on the left sleeve of the uniform. 

When first joining class, students should bring in their last report card (or a letter from a parent certifying that the student has met the requirements).  If the report card has all C's or higher, the student will be awarded the academic achievement patch along with their 1st star.  There are three different types of stars:

  1. Red Stars - Red Stars are awarded for a report card that contains all A's.
  2. Blue Stars - Blue Stars are awarded for a report card with all B's or B's and higher.
  3. Yellow Stars - Yellow Stars are awarded for a report card with all C's or C's and higher.

Once the student earns their Academic Achievement Patch and first star, they can earn additional stars of the appropriate type each time they bring in a qualifying report card.