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 Permission to Test

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Permission to Test:

The permission to test program is an optional program which is used at the discretion of the student's parents.  For students whose parents have elected to utilize the program; letters are given to each student prior to each belt test, requesting permission from the student's school representatives and the student's parents, attesting to students respectful behavior towards family members, school mates, and teachers as well as the satisfactory academic performance.

Below is a sample permission to test letter:

Dear Parents and Teachers: 

North Austin Tae Kwon Do prides itself on instilling the principles of Tae Kwon Do Excellence to our students.  Tae Kwon Do Excellence symbolizes lifelong excellence, not only in the martial arts, but also in school, and as productive members of society. This level of conduct is required of our students. Please complete this Permission to Test form on behalf of [Studentís Name]. 

We, respectively, request your assistance in helping us to achieve this goal by circling the correct answer to the following question: 

  1. This student is respectful to his fellow classmates, does satisfactory work, and is receiving passing grades. 

AGREE                                                          DISAGREE

_____________________________                   _______________
Teacherís signature                                          Date 

  1. My son/daughter has been respectful to his/her family members and is being cooperative at home.

AGREE                                                          DISAGREE

______________________________                 ________________
Parent/Guardian signature                                Date

If our students are not behaving in a respectful manner either at home, in Tae Kwon Do class, or while at your school, the student will not be able to test to for their next Tae Kwon Do Belt until there is satisfactory improvement.

 Thank you for your cooperation.



The North Austin Tae Kwon Do Staff