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One of the most import indicators of the capabilities of a Martial Arts School is the quality of it students and their experience while attending the school. 

The following is a list of references from our students, parents, online visitors and martial arts industry professionals describing their experiences with North Austin Tae Kwon Do.

"I have known Master Thomas for several years now as well as his senior students and instructors, and have found him to be a  dedicated, conscientious, and caring individual and instructor.  I have worked with the staff of North Austin Tae Kwon Do at various seminars and have observed them at several demonstrations and I've always been impressed with their skill and abilities to work with their students and others.  I always look forward to seeing and training with them again.  I'm sure anyone in the North Austin area looking for martial arts training with an honest and dedicated staff have found it in North Austin Tae Kwon Do." - Master Dennis McHenry, National TangSooDo Director - United States Korean Martial Arts Federation (USKMAF)

I promised all of you that I would report on my visit to Master Jason Thomas' dojo. All of you know me, I came up under Great Grandmaster Joe Alvarado. There is not much in the world of martial arts that collectively we have not seen or experienced. So when I tell that this man, Mr. Thomas, is very knowledgeable and a true martial artist, know that it comes from the heart and my first-handed observation of him and his students.
I was very impressed with his class management techniques as well as his students' sense of respect and humbleness. This was especially noticeable in Mr. Chad Johnson, who will soon be testing for Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt). Mr. Johnson made me especially welcomed just by his willingness to address any question that I put to him.
I was then graciously treated to dinner with Mr. Thomas, Mr. Johnson, and (forgive me I don't remember his last name) Sensei Chris (Yodan - 4th Degree) from a neighboring dojo. There Mr. Johnson opened doors, helped seat, ordered refills for those of us who outranked him in degrees of Black Belt only! What I mean about that is that he has a wonderful spirit that makes me want to go back and recapture that kind of humbleness I use to have for my superiors and fellow students.
I truly feel that these gentlemen will make excellent additions to the Texas / AOK martial arts family!
Gentlemen the "Welcome Mat" is extended! -Daryll Stewart, 5th Dan Soryu Karate, Former American Organization of Karate (AOK) Executive Committee Member

Our family discovered North Austin Tae Kwon Do when my 7 year old son enrolled at the urging of a friend. Now, 6 months later, my 4 year old daughter and I are devoted students as well. I have seen my children thrive under the guidance of Master Thomas and Jo Kyo Chad. They have gained self-confidence, self-discipline, and athleticism while having fun. I have been equally satisfied with my own experience. Like most women, I have tried in the past to meet my fitness needs by joining a gym, only to find the programs impersonal and uninspiring. Thanks to NATKD I have finally found a fantastic way to stay fit both mentally and physically. Being a student of the martial arts has been a truly empowering experience -- it has increased my strength, balance, flexibility, and focus. The program at North Austin TKD continues to hold my interest by constantly providing new challenges, and the comprehensive curriculum is able to meet the needs of students of all ages and abilities. Anyone who is looking for an activity that will engage both mind and body will not be disappointed by the classes at North Austin Tae Kwon Do! - Laura Herrick & Family, Adult, Child and Tots Students.

Thank you for a great website. I am a tkd student at an ITA-affiliated school in South Mississippi and also an information technology professional, so I am impressed on both technical and artistic levels. Because of both my work schedule and the inconveniences which come from being in the Katrina-affected area, I am only able to attend class once or twice a week, but your website offers so much information that I can refer to it while I practice at home and keep my skills and forms sharp. I know you only directly service the Austin area, but I just wanted you to know that your imaginative and comprehensive site is also helping other tkd stidents around the nation.
One of the many things I have learned since I started tkd last winter is that there is a brotherhood/sisterhood feeling among tkd practitioners that outweighs many of life's other circumstances.
I will be in the Austin area in October to attend a family reunion. I hope I can come take a class with all of you and personally thank you for helping me along from afar. That is, if you have room for another 4th Gup for an evening.
Sean K. Lyon
Software Engineer
Northrop Grumman Information Technology

"The instructors at North Austin Tae Kwon Do are knowledgeable, professional and personable.  The curriculum is rich with both traditional knowledge and practical self-defense techniques and the students work together to help everyone grow, its a great environment to exercise and learn in.  I highly recommend North Austin Tae Kwon Do to any one who wants to explore the martial arts." - David Larson, Adult Student

"I had not participated in any organized physical activity in my entire life prior to starting classes at North Austin Tae Kwon Do.  I was amazed at the patience and willingness of the instructors to tailor a specific plan to my individual needs.  Now I'm a Blue Belt and can perform moves, that I'd never dreamed possible or had only seen in martial arts movies."  - Philip Hornsey, Adult Student

My name is Joe and I live in Chambersburg, PA. I recently started back with Tae Kwon Do training after a 10yr stint. It's amazing how your body looses it's power after having a desk job and not working out! ;-)

Anyhow, we are training for our first belt test and we doing form H1. I stumbled across your site in search of a diagram for proper technique and footing for training at home. I was pleasantly surprised when I found your videos. This is great! Thank you for putting this stuff on your site.

Now I'll be able to help out my wife (who never had a martial arts class in her life) with the form.

Thanks and keep up the good work!
 - Joe Maceira, White Belt.

"Just a note of sincere appreciation and thanks for all that Master Jason Thomas of North Austin TKD, has done for me from when I was a Blue Belt on through my current status as an instructor with the American Institute of Taekwondo in San Antonio, Texas.  I first met Master Thomas while attending his 1st Annual North Austin Taekwondo/Hapkido Open Training Seminar.  I continue to attend his seminars and tournaments.  Master Thomas does not merely sit behind an office desk, rather his joy of Martial Arts is evident as he teaches, demonstrates, and practices the Martial Arts.  I appreciate how Master Thomas can organize events to include everyone ranging from color belts to black belts.  I am very thankful that I met Master Thomas, as I am sure others will feel the same.  - Enrique Caballero, 1st Dan - USCDKA, Instructor - American Institute of Taekwondo

"It has been my pleasure to be associated with Master Thomas and the teaching staff of North Austin Tae Kwon Do.  After knowing and training with Master Thomas and North Austin TKD I highly recommend anyone in the Austin area to take part in their classes. The teaching staff is next to none when it comes to having patience, keeping the tradition in the Korean Martial Arts, making changes and embracing the future of the martial arts while offering an excellent choice of programs at their school."  - Grand Master Troy L. Smith, President - United Martial Arts Society

"Your website is a great learning tool. I have referred your site to my Sabunim and I use it before every workout. To view the videos is a great help. I started about a year ago with my two daughters and we are having a ball. I thought I was getting a bit old for this but I am hanging in there. My children are 7 & 8 and I will be turning 50 on the 14th of March. I guess your never to old to get in shape." - Paul H. Williams, Student - Rochester, NY

"I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for your site. I am a 3rd Dan who has just returned to training after a 5 year layoff and was able to view the Taegeuk videos and "relearn' them this evening." - Dave Peterson, 3rd Dan - Gainesville, FL

I'm a WTF blue belt with World TKD Academy in Olney, MD, under Grand Master Lee Won Se (9th Dan).

I would like to congratulate you on your superb web site. Every aspects of TKD is discussed and shown, belt structure, requirements, poomsee, history, and much more.
Austin is lucky to have a fine dojang like yours.

Keep up the good work.
- Jacques Constant, Blue Belt, WTF

I am an equivalent to an orange belt at my Tae Kwon Do school, King Tiger Martial Arts, in Vancouver, Washington.  I wanted to let you guys know I think your website is awesome and a wealth of information for me to review forms, learn history, and other little hints and tidbits that I need for testing.  While our school has a different belt system, the theories and teachings appear to be very close.  I just wanted to say thank you for having such a great site out there for the public to view and I hope you don't mind TKD students from far away using your site for information.  Keep up the good work!!  Thank you ever so much!  -Nicole Dart

I just wanted to comment on your site.  I have been a black belt for over 25 years and I have never seen anything nearly as comprehensive as your site.  You make me proud to part of the art.  Congratularions and keep up the good work! -
Bob Redmond, 2 Dan Taekwondo


NATKD Stores

Martial Arts Supplies
Uniforms, Weapons, Training Equipment Videos at discount prices etc...

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