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The instructors of natkd.com would be honored to come to your school or location and teach a seminar.  To request more information fill out the form on the right or send an e-mail to info@natkd.com.  Seminar topics include but are not limited to:

  • Self-Defense Techniques (Joint Locks, Sweeps, Take Downs, Chokes etc...)

  • Weapons (Sword, Bo-Staff/Jang Bong, Escrima Sticks, Knife etc...)

  • Weapons forms

  • Weapon defense

  • Forms and form interpretation

  • Sparring

  • Basics

  • Instructor training

Each seminar is tailored to the needs of your group.  Alternatively, we can provide recommendations for each session.  Seminars are generally set up as two 1 hour sessions in the morning, a 1 hour lunch break followed by two 1 hour afternoon sessions.

View the video clips on the right and picture gallery below the to see what natkd.com events are like.

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You may also send an e-mail to: info@natkd.com

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Check out these video clips to see for yourself with natkd.com events are like

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