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Songahm Forms Quick Grid 

ATA/Songahm Tae Kwon Do Hyungs (Forms)

Songahm 1 Songahm 2 Songahm 3 Songahm 4 Songahm 5
In Wha 1 In Wha 2 Choong Jung 1 Choong Jung 2 Shim Jun
Jung Yul Chung San Sok Bong Chung hae Jhang Soo

Songham Forms:  Detailed Descriptions and Histories

Form Names and Meanings20

Songahm           "Pine Tree and Rock"

In Wha              "An Unbroken Glory"

Choong Jung    "All things turn out perfect and beautiful"

Shim Jun          "Begin planting seeds for the future"

Jung Yul          "With your noble character, you will develop a new permanence in your life"

Chung San       "Peace of mind and tranquility"

Sok Bong         "You will live comfortably and in peace"

Chung Hae       "Mastered all kinds of knowledge and utilizes this to do many things"

Jhang Soo        "Long Life"


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