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Below you will find general information about our Tae Kwon Do Tot, or affectionately TKD Tots programs.  Click on the links to the left for more in depth information on our programs or contact us directly with your questions via e-mail at info@natkd.com or call 350-4242.

Tae Kwon Do Tots Program - Ages 4  to 6

At North Austin Tae Kwon Do, our TKD tots program is second to none. We teach our students using a basic philosophy of positive reinforcement to build Self Esteem, Confidence, Discipline, Positive Attitude and Values. Our unique method of training is fun and is designed to:

  • Instill a Positive Attitude
  • Build Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Teach the Importance of Strong
  • Values & Good Character
  • Promote the Desire to Learn
  • Improve Effort & Motivation
  • Improve Concentration
  • Teach Self Discipline
  • Instill Respect for Themselves & for Others

The Tae Kwon Do Tots Program is martial arts skills development program that focuses on "8 essential skills":

Focus Memory
Balance Coordination
Strength Control
Attitude Awareness

The children learn martial arts skills in the context of these "8 essential skills".  The program goes far beyond mere kicking and punching.  Academic achievement, physical conditioning and peer interaction are emphasized as well as life skill development such as dealing with bullies and stranger awareness are taught.  Promotion tests are offered every 3 months and are announced in advance.  In order to test for their next belt, students must have good attendance, and permission from both the instructor and their parents.  Testing requirements are freely available.

"Train the mind as well as the body?"
(reprinted from American Health Magazine)

Many parents are enrolling kids in martial-arts classes hoping they will learn discipline and self-defense and get a healthy workout. But a new study suggests Western methods for teaching martial arts may make kids more aggressive than savvy. Reason: Many courses ignore the ancient philosophy and just teach body moves.

At Texas A&M University, Dr. Michael Trulson divided 34 teens prone to delinquency (as determined by psychological tests) into three groups.

For six months, group A spent one hour, three times a week learning the ancient Korean martial art, Tae Kwon Do. Along with self-defense, it emphasizes setting goals in life, respect for others, honesty, humility, responsibility and honor. Group B spent the time learning a short-cut modern version of Tae Kwon Do (no philosophy), while Group C got no training at all.

Results: No change in Group C, but the kids in the two martial-arts groups responded in radically different ways. Those in Group A, who got the version emphasizing body and mind, got all the benefits: less anxiety, higher self-esteem, improved social skills, stronger values and, best of all, below-average levels of aggression. But kids in Group B (body only) got worse ?and their aggression shot way up.

Advice to parents: If you enroll kids in a martial-arts class, stick to tradition. Training the body without the mind may be a path to trouble.

Our family discovered North Austin Tae Kwon Do when my 7 year old son enrolled at the urging of a friend. Now, 6 months later, my 4 year old daughter and I are devoted students as well. I have seen my children thrive under the guidance of Master Thomas and Jo Kyo Chad. They have gained self-confidence, self-discipline, and athleticism while having fun. I have been equally satisfied with my own experience. Like most women, I have tried in the past to meet my fitness needs by joining a gym, only to find the programs impersonal and uninspiring. Thanks to NATKD I have finally found a fantastic way to stay fit both mentally and physically. Being a student of the martial arts has been a truly empowering experience --- it has increased my strength, balance, flexibility, and focus. The program at North Austin TKD continues to hold my interest by constantly providing new challenges, and the comprehensive curriculum is able to meet the needs of students of all ages and abilities. Anyone who is looking for an activity that will engage both mind and body will not be disappointed by the classes at North Austin Tae Kwon Do! - Laura Herrick & Family, Adult, Child and Tots Students.